BoRit Asbestos
Superfund Site
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1st Wednesday of each month.
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM.

Upper Dublin Township Bldg
801 Loch Alsh Ave.
Ft. Washington, PA 19034

All meetings are open to the public. We encourage all citizens to join us and participate in the cleanup of our community.



  • Community Awareness Workgroup Minutes
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    The Community Awareness Workgroup focuses on raising public awareness about the BoRit Asbestos Superfund site through an active CAG website, occasional events, mailings and emailings, communicating with elected and appointed officials, and other such activities that fairly and effectively raise awareness about EPA’s efforts and plans, scientific data, and the discussions and decisions of the BoRit CAG.  email:

  • Health, Environment, Risk & Safety (HERS) WorkGroup
  • Minutes
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    The HERS workgroup is chaired by a physician CAG member and includes health
    professionals and community members interested in health issues.  We focus on health and risk issues relevant to the BoRit site and the nearby community.  HERS pays attention to the University of Pennsylvania historical exposure reconstruction study, health education outreach to local health professionals, and following up on CAG questions regarding BoRit site exposures and health.

  • Removal, Remediation and Monitoring Workgroup (RR&M Workgroup) Minutes
    Additional Workgroup Documents

    The responsibility of the RR&M Workgroup is to review, assess and comment upon the technical aspects of EPA's removal and remediation work. Construction work, monitoring methods and remediation planning are all scrutinized. The RR&M Workgroup reports to the CAG.  Meetings are open to the public, please notify gordonchase2000@gmail if interested.

  • Rules Committee Minutes
    Additional Workgroup Documents

    The Rules Committee provides guidance to CAG leadership on issues and questions related to the BoRit CAG Mission and Operating Procedures.  The Rules Committee is responsible for making sure that rules and procedures are followed for voting, membership, and the conducting of business, and is responsible for proposing necessary changes to the Operating Procedures.

  • Future Uses Minutes
    Additional Workgroup Documents

    The Future Uses group develops and updates a community vision for future use of the BoRit Site.  The vision represents a desirable balance of conservation, environmental protection, and site-appropriate public recreational and community use.  The vision is a guideline only.  The ultimate extent and location of public access will be determined by the remedial solution(s) selected by EPA, and later detailed site improvements plans undertaken by the individual property owners. 



Documents on this website are published to make the general public aware of issues pertaining to the BoRit asbestos Superfund site. Only documents created by the full CAG, such as meeting minutes and official CAG correspondence represent the official views of the CAG. All documents originating from other constituents, including but not limited to the EPA, PADEP, CBA, etc., may contain views not necessarily endorsed by the BoRit CAG and therefore the CAG does not warranty the accuracy of these documents.

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